Honda TT Legends Episode 7: Oschersleben 8 Hours

Honda TT Legends Episode 7: Oschersleben 8 Hours
Product Code: 1897GED , Release Date: 19 April 2013, 22 minutes
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  • 'I don't love the dark - especially round here, there's no lights at turn one - I'll do my best' - Cameron Donald
  • 'Only 26 seconds left - we've still got to finish though' - Neil Tuxworth, Team Boss
  • 'John's got a major crush on German weiners' - Becky McGuinness

Honda TT Legends Episode 7: Oschersleben 8 Hours - Description

Oschersleben hosts the penultimate round of the Endurance World Championship and the Honda TT Legends team need to make every point to stay in with a chance of finishing the season in the top three.

While Cameron Donald and stand-in rider Jason O'Halloran focus on fitness John McGuinness's approach to training and diet is a bit more unconventional - the German sausage stalls do well out of him though.

The 8 hour race is tense and nerve-wracking - especially as a fuelling issue threatens to cost the team dearly won points.

Meanwhile Simon Andrews continues the fight back to full fitness in the hope of being back with the team for the season finale - the epic 24 hours of Le Mans