You're on Your Own & From Bray to Governor's

You're on Your Own & From Bray to Governor's
Product Code: 1656ED , Release Date: 01 May 2013, 45 minutes
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You're on Your Own & From Bray to Governor's - Description

You're On Your Own and From Bray to Governor's were filmed during the 1982 Isle of Man TT and, between them, offer a unique insight into this special era of TT racing.

You're On Your Own records the epic battle between Suzuki and Honda for the Formula One TT honours when victory meant everything to the two Japanese giants.

Mick Grant, Ron Haslam, Joey Dunlop and Roger Marshall all feature in this brilliant and evocative film.

With the launch of the Classic TT fans will once more be able to savour the sights and sounds of Suzuki XR 69s and big Hondas doing battle on the Mountain Course but only this film can really capture the essence of those times.

From Bray to Governor's is an onboard lap with Mick Grant on the mighty Suzuki as he hurls it round the 37.73 miles of the World's most demanding road circuit.