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The Isle of Man TT is all about being close to the action and you can’t get closer than the iconic TT Grandstands

The Main Grandstand really is the heart of the TT races and gives spectators a great view of the course, the famous scoreboard operated by the Isle of Man's Scouts, the warm-up area and pit lane as well as being convenient for the Island’s capital of Douglas. 

Another big advantage of watching from the Grandstand is that you're right in the heart of the paddock area including all the team tents, the various food outlets, the merchandise stalls and the beer tent. There's parking on hand and there's always something going on to keep you entertained. What's not to like?

There are also special temporary grandstands located at Nobles Park (North and South) and the world-famous Creg-ny-Baa giving you the option to watch from a different spot each race day. 

Our temporary grandstands take the concept of watching from the hedge to the next level - literally. Erected with the best possible views in mind, the stands lift you over the foliage without removing the sensation of speed that makes the TT such a vivid and enthralling prospect. 

No longer do you have to arrive at the crack of dawn to secure a prized patch of roadside shrubbery - just arrive in good time, park in the spaces on hand (some sites may charge), show your ticket and take your seat. 

As a bonus there are toilet facilities on hand so there's no more crossed legs or embarrassing moments behind a hedge...

If you fancy getting even closer to a TT legend you should take advantage of one of the exclusive VIP Hospitality packages. Not only do you get access to the Hospitality Suite at the Grandstand but you’ll be sharing the complimentary bar, breakfast and buffet with heroes from the TT, the world of Grand Prix racing, motorsports, film, TV and music.