TT ON the Prom DVD

TT ON the Prom DVD
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Product Code: 2138 , Release Date: 15 January 2007, 30 minutes
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TT ON the Prom DVD - Description

When the sound of bike engines reverberates around the Isle of Man, it can only mean one thing - Tourist Trophy time!This DVD captures the incredible atmosphere from the festivalÍs world famous street party - with all the best live action entertainment from outside the legendary Bushy's beer tent. It really is the only place to be during those infamous TT nights!

See the incredible Steve Colley and his gravity-defying trial riding skills. He can do things with motorcycles that we mere mortals would consider impossible! Then relive amazing rolling stoppies, burnouts, doughnuts and two-up tricks with Humberto Ribeiro, Mattie Griffen and Angyal Zoltan while top freestyler Jamie Squibb shows off with his one-handed seat grabs, airwalks, saran wraps and cliffhangers. As ever, those loveable rogues the Purple Helmets fumble through their world-renowned, bizarre routines plus you can see the 'real' Italian Job with Russ Swift - Minis on two wheels, handbrake parallel parking at frightening speeds and downright mental manoeuvring! The Bolddog Freestyle Team also provide a non-stop show with the UK's best extreme motocross performers and for one hell of an inferno check out the Pyromaniac Jet Quad!

All this plus Agostini, Rutter, Jeffries and others as the men and machines of TT yesteryear line up for the classic parade. It's all the beer-and-cheer-fuelled mayhem a stunt fan could hope for in one great highlights package!


  • Mattie Griffen
  • Bolddog Freestyle MX team
  • Steve Colley
  • Pyromaniac Jet Quad
  • Purple Helmets
  • Humberto Ribeiro
  • Classic Parade
  • Russ Swift
  • Jamie Squibb
  • Zoltan Angyal

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