The Ultimate Trial (PB)

The Ultimate Trial (PB)
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Product Code: IN3011 , Release Date: 12 April 2007
  • Book (Paperback)
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The Ultimate Trial (PB) - Description

As the Isle of Man Centenary TT Races draw nearer, an increasing number of seemingly unrelated serious of crimes tax the police and legal resources to their utmost.

As usual, Dr Jonathon Price makes his annual visit to the Island to contribute to the medical cover for the event.

He soon discovers that this year a guest of the highest possible profile has also decided to be present, someone whose very name spells trouble for just about everyone concerned.

In this light-hearted sequel to Murder on the Mountain, the only thing that moves faster than the racing motorcycles is the pace of the story which blasts to every point on the Island compass as Price and his companions struggle desperately against time to prevent the commission of the ultimate crime.

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