Do you know Derry Kissack (PB)

Do you know Derry Kissack (PB)
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Product Code: DK1201 , Release Date: 03 December 2009
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Do you know Derry Kissack (PB) - Description

By the skin of his teeth, Manxman Derry Kissack, master joiner and Purple Helmet's commentator, completed his autobiography in time for the 2009 Christmas book rush.

The autobiography is a stroke of pure genius, full of trouser-bulging good fun, local stories and lies (sorry - flies on the wall observations) and sh*te of all sorts, wrapped up in this 'Buy Manx for Christmas' edition.

Born in Crosby, Derry was dragged up on Kissack's yard, up Kissack's lane and was a mucky child from the outset, never happier than playing with bricks (real ones not Lego) and a tin of grease, he was destined to become something.

Derry said: 'In 2002, I had a bit of a do in TT week and ended up in hospital after been taken roughly from behind by a German on the Mountain road - so I decided to jot down a few thoughts about me life whilst the grey matter could still recall a few adventures.'

'I like to say that the book reveals the name of me first girlfriend and sloppy stuff like that, but it's very interesting really. There's a paragraph on sprockets I have put on the Honda 90 for TT so if that's your interest this is the book for you.'

'It's taken six years to write and that's not because it's a very big book – no – it's been written slowly for anyone who can't read very fast. I should also point out that none of the pictures used in the book have been airbrushed - I look like that in real life!'

The paperback book features 158 pages.

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