Do you know Derry Kissack (PB)

Do you know Derry Kissack (PB)


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    Product code: DK1201Released: 03 December 2009158 pages

    Product description

    By the skin of his teeth, Manxman Derry Kissack, master joiner and Purple Helmet's commentator, completed his autobiography in time for the 2009 Christmas book rush.

    The autobiography is a stroke of pure genius, full of trouser-bulging good fun, local stories and lies (sorry - flies on the wall observations) and sh*te of all sorts, wrapped up in this 'Buy Manx for Christmas' edition.

    Born in Crosby, Derry was dragged up on Kissack's yard, up Kissack's lane and was a mucky child from the outset, never happier than playing with bricks (real ones not Lego) and a tin of grease, he was destined to become something.

    Derry said: 'In 2002, I had a bit of a do in TT week and ended up in hospital after been taken roughly from behind by a German on the Mountain road - so I decided to jot down a few thoughts about me life whilst the grey matter could still recall a few adventures.'

    'I like to say that the book reveals the name of me first girlfriend and sloppy stuff like that, but it's very interesting really. There's a paragraph on sprockets I have put on the Honda 90 for TT so if that's your interest this is the book for you.'

    'It's taken six years to write and that's not because it's a very big book – no – it's been written slowly for anyone who can't read very fast. I should also point out that none of the pictures used in the book have been airbrushed - I look like that in real life!'

    The paperback book features 158 pages.


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