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Side by Side TT Sidecar Dave Molyneux and Nick Crowe

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Product Code: 8847 , Release Date: 28 June 2010
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Side by Side TT Sidecar Dave Molyneux and Nick Crowe - Description

Side by Side
from an original painting by Peter Hearsey

TT Sidecar greats Dave Molyneux and Nick Crowe battle in one of the most memorable, and closest, three-wheel races the Mountain course has ever seen, with Crowe and partner Mark Cox bringing the LCR Honda outfit home for victory just seconds ahead of the DMR Suzuki of Moly and Daniel Sayle. The three-lap grudge match in 2008 was the faring-bashing showdown between the two Manx TT greats that all fans had wanted to see. Sadly it would be the last time Crowe and Moly would go head-to-head over the Mountain course for a full race distance.

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Print 594mm x 420mm

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