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Product code: 1620REReleased: 17 April 2020137 minutes

Product description

You can usually hear them before you see them.

Suddenly they explode into view - a flash of colour, a sense of speed, the howl of an engine on the limit... then they're gone.

The speeds are awesome, the whole spectacle mind-blowing.

This action packed long review is your exclusive record of TT 1999 - featuring ALL the racing - and plenty more besides!

Extensive coverage gives you an unrivalled view. 

Multiple cameras around the circuit and in the pits, better than ever before aerial footage, on-bike cameras and the unique kerbcam ensure total exposure from every angle to a quality level normally only seen in edit studios.

Join Keith Huewen and Julian Ryder as the thrills and spills unfold in this official review - your record of the last TT races of the twentieth century.