On Bike Grand Prix Experience DVD

On Bike Grand Prix Experience DVD
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Product Code: 1488 , Release Date: 07 November 2016
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On Bike Grand Prix Experience DVD - Description

The very best of the superb on-bike camera action from all solo classes of the 1992 World Championships brings the thrill of racing only centimetres way from the world's best into your living room.

All the most memorable moments and the very closest racing. Niall Mackenzie talks you round the Australian GP; Eddie Lawson on the limit at Mugello with the Cagiva; Randy Mamola at the ill-fated Dutch GP; sensational 250 action including the rearward view from Max Biaggi's Aprilia with "the pack" in hot pursuit only inches away.

Brace yourself for Frankie Chili in Australia; Mamola at Donington, Alex Criville in Spain and other who push it a little too far.

Featuring on-sreen track maps, rider voice-overs and stereo sound, not only can you appreciate the rider's skills but you can also hear your opponents coming up in the slipstream