Isle of Man TT 1967 Sound Stories Vinyl (2 Disc) LP

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Brand new pressing! Classic 1960s LPs brought back to life on heavyweight vinyl by Duke.


Commentary Peter Arnold

Two discs featuring 50cc, 125cc, 250cc, Junior, Senior, Sidecar,& Production,plus Echoes of the Past




… The three-capacity class Production Machine race which provided ex-MV teamster John Hartle with his ‘come-back’ victory on the Geoff Duke entered 650 c.c. Triumph. The popular Manx success of Neil Kelly on his Thruxton Velocette in the 500 c.c., and the controversial Bultaco Metralla’s of rivals Bill Smith and Tommy Robb who dominated the 250 c.c. class. The 'ordinary bike' race lives again.

… The fabulous, contrasting Japanese two-stroke ‘works’ machines of the Yamaha and Suzuki factories in ‘full song’ through Glentramman.

….The full-blooded roar of the race- and lap record breaking Honda ‘4’ of Mike Hailwood over Ballaugh Bridge.

… the drama of the lap 3, 45 seconds pit stop by race leader Agostini and challenger Hailwood, the MV 500 c.c. ‘3’ in full song - and the dead silence as he pushes in to complete lap 5 with a broken chain. The sympathetic and warm applause of his many admirers as he ends an unhappy ‘birthday’ walk.

… The incredible new 297 c.c. Honda ‘six’ rushing along Sulby Straight.

… The M.Z. twin, water-cooled two-strokes of Heinz Rosner and Derek Woodman.

… Stanley Woods telling of his wish at the ‘Fairy Bridge,’ and congratulating Mike Hailwood on beating his 10 TT victories record.

… The Helmut Faths URS ‘4’, the Ray Pollard ‘Imp’ ‘4’, the Honda ‘Cat’. 

… Agostini interviewed by Mike Hailwood!

… Hailwood on his Junior—Senior lap record breaking ride. 

… And much, much more.



To the connoisseur of motor cycle road racing there’s nothing more exciting than a crisply defined exhaust note. Each racing machine has its own distinctive ‘noise’-and to hear cleanly executed gear changes is ‘music’ to the ear of the enthusiast, as the varying throttle openings produce the three or maybe four octave range. 

No more exacting, demanding or variable race course exists in the world than the 373/4 mile ‘Mountain’ circuit in the Isle of Man: no more variety of machines can be seen–and heard–anywhere than at the Tourist Trophy races, which this year (1967) celebrated their Diamond Jubilee. It is as a permanent record of this great series that we present these records (a set of two).

In purposely letting the ’sounds’ tell their own story we moved our microphones around to 24 different, exciting positions–each one stamping its own character on the ’tunes’ played. Not only the thrilling sound of the machines can be heard–but the whole record-breaking ‘Diamond Jubilee’ atmosphere is faithfully recaptured for you to hear time and time again.

You can listen to a wide variety of machines in ‘full chat’ –and the riders, too, in full chat in ‘on the spot’ interviews, as they talk happily about their races and technically about their bikes.

The 1967 Isle of Man Diamond Jubilee T.T. races will long be remembered as the record-breaking events they really were–and here’s one record you won’t want to break!



In our endeavours to include as many varying ‘exhaust notes’ as possible (and we feel we’ve got ‘em all this year), and to also let them be heard from numerous locations, the race commentary as such has been dispensed with.

The excitement and drama is real–recorded as it happened in the pits and on the circuit via the Public Address system provided by Manx Radio, often by commentator Peter Arnold, who also conducted the ‘on the spot’ interviews–thus preserving the continuity.

But it is in the exhaust notes–on and off key–that this 1967 Diamond Jubilee TT Sound Stories is musically written–and they speak for themselves.


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