TT 1987 F1 Race Duke Archive DVD

TT 1987 F1 Race Duke Archive DVD
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Product Code: 1226DA , Release Date: 24 November 2010
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  • Footage from this release is included on TT The Formula One Years 1987-94

TT 1987 F1 Race Duke Archive DVD - Description

Please Note: The footage on this DVD is included on TT The F1 Years 1987-94 - you will receive a copy of that DVD instead

The 1987 F1 race proved to be a real corker. Joey Dunlop (Honda) was in top form but didn't have it all his own way.

Phil Mellor (Suzuki), Geoff Johnson (Yamaha), Roger Marshall (Suzuki), Trevor Nation (Yamaha), Nick Jefferies (Honda) and Dave Leach (Suzuki) were in hot pursuit.

Joey put up a masterly performance and on learning that he was slightly down on corrected time to Phil Mellor, opened the tap wide to such an extent that he broke both lap and race records.

A hard race it was but when 'Yer Maun' Dunlop is in one of his unbeatable moods - well, he's simply unbeatable! And so is the price!