Road Racers Calendar 2022 plus Hislop vs Fogarty DVD

Road Racers Calendar 2022 plus Hislop vs Fogarty DVD

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    The Greatest Race - Hislop vs. Fogarty DVD

    They were great friends and even greater rivals.

    Steve Hislop and Carl Fogarty formed one of the most talented rivalries in TT history. A latter day Agostini and Hailwood.

    Their Isle of Man TT Races® careers saw them arrive in the early 1980s when riders like Joey Dunlop and Brian Reid were dominating the leaderboards. 

    In a few short years it was Hislop and Fogarty who were making the running – and breaking records to boot.

    Sometimes team mates, often competing against each other, “Hizzy” and “Foggy” dazzled the crowds and brought a magical mix of excitement, fun and drama into the TT paddock. 

    Their crowning glory was the 1992 Senior TT Race – widely regarded as one of the best and most important clashes in TT history. Both riders put everything on the line for victory – and celebrated the result together late into the night.

    This is the story of one of the Isle of Man TT’s greatest and most enduring rivalries.


    The Road Racers 2022 Wall Calendar: 'TT Heroes'

    The 2022 Road Racers wall calendar by Stephen Davison features photographs of some of the biggest names in recent TT history.

    From Joey Dunlop's incredible ride in the rain to Peter Hickman's new absolute lap record Stephen Davison's camera has been on hand to capture TT history.

    Printed on high quality photo paper, the A3 wall calendar version of the popular Road Racers calendar showcases these beautiful photographs, perfect for livening up any dull wall space at home, in the office or in the garage.

    Riders featured in this calendar include: Joey Dunlop, Cameron Donald, Michael Dunlop, John McGuinness, Ryan Farquhar and Ian Hutchinson