It's In My Blood & Michael Dunlop A Profile DVD

It's In My Blood & Michael Dunlop A Profile DVD

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Product Code: CTX1840 , Release Date: 04 May 2017, pages

Product description

Michael Dunlop Road Racer: It's In My Blood and Michael Dunlop a Profile DVD Special Offer

The blockbuster Sunday Times No.1 bestselling autobiography of one of road racing's most fascinating personalities with the excellent North One TV profile of the rider on the cusp of stardom.

Road Racer: It's In My Blood took the charts by storm in 2017 as sports fans got to grips with the personality of one of road racing's biggest stars. Strangely, although Michael is a larger than life character he had managed to preserve his privacy so this book came as a welcome insight into the complex character behind the 'Maverick' tag.

Michael Dunlop a Profile shows the Northern Irish star at the moment he was about to turn from young prentender to become one of the TT's undeniable all-time greats. Featuring excellent footage and a candid interview (does Michael do any other kind of interviews?) this documentary gives a great insight into the development of a legend.

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