Guy Martin - How Britain Worked Bundle

Guy Martin - How Britain Worked Bundle
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Product Code: CTX1713 , Release Date: 05 October 2015, 270 minutes
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Guy Martin - How Britain Worked Bundle - Description

How Britain Worked 

Guy Martin’s a huge fan of engineering, and British engineering in particular. In this series he rolls up his sleeves and gets to work exploring the legacy of the ever-innovative Victorians. Each episode sees him take on a new challenge in different areas of work: rebuilding a pioneering steam engine, restoring a Brixham trawler, maintaining the world’s oldest operational water turbine at a Yorkshire sawmill, making glass for the Birmingham Botanical Gardens glasshouse, fixing ironwork on Llandudno pier and overhauling and driving a massive steam locomotive on the Severn Valley Railway. Along the way Guy meets loads of fascinating characters, learns new skills and uncovers the social history of the Industrial Revolution.

270mins | usually £14.99

The Boat that Guy Built

The original Guy Martin TV series saw the Lincolnshire legend team up with his old mate Mave to build and kit out a narrow boat.  But they didn’t do it the easy way - they used ‘Reckless’ as a way to discover old working methods that gave the Industrial Revolution its force: they smelted iron, wove silk, made their own baked beans and even visited Thomas Crapper & Co in search of the perfect loo!

270mins | usually £14.99