Guy Martin Road Racer (HB)

Guy Martin Road Racer (HB)

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Product Code: BL9981 , Release Date: 22 November 2017, 160 pages

Product description

From the moment he appeared in an Irish road racing paddock in 2002, Guy Martin was a sensation.

Young and brash, delivering his views on everything and anything at machine-gun speed, the twenty-year-old made people sit up and take notice. Most important of all, he was fast – sometimes too fast.

Now the world’s most famous road racer, recognised wherever he goes, Guy Martin’s achievements guarantee him a place among the elite riders in the history of the sport. Stephen Davison, road racing’s leading writer and photographer, has documented every aspect of the Lincolnshire ace’s career.

In this new book he brings together the best of his photographs to provide an unparalleled account of Guy’s road racing years.

Close-ups, unguarded moments, sensational action shots, life on and off the track – Davison’s 170 photographs tell the Guy Martin story as never before, celebrating the iconic rider and the magic of his career between the hedges.

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