TT 1985 Review Man to Man On-Demand

TT 1985 Review Man to Man On-Demand

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Just imagine what it’s like to stand on a pavement on a bend at the bottom of a hill in a typical small town. Suddenly, to the accompaniment of a roar akin to an express train, a racing motorcycle comes into view, hurtles towards you and then passes by literally an arm’s length away! It was Joey Dunlop, King of Road Racing, twice Formula One Champion travelling at ‘only’ 140mph on his 750cc V-four Rothmans Honda machine.

He was the fastest rider ever around the inimitable 37.73 mile TT Course that year and the experience described above is just one of the dozens you can relive with the top road racers featured in Man to Man. From nearly 50 different vantage points, this programme includes comprehensive and action-packed coverage brought to you by Videovision and Duke.

Not only can you feel the speed from locations as close to the action as you can get, but there’s also the view from Roger Burnett’s bike at racing speed as well as the best TT sideshow action from arena trials to nightlife cabarets! The races featured are: Formula One, Formula 2, Senior, Sidecar, Junior and the Production.


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